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07 Jun 2018 - David Brining - Senior Learning Support Tutor

The University of Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design is one of the UK’s most successful creative industry educators, offering degree courses in 6 varied subject areas at a specialist campus in Harrow, London. These courses prepare students to not only enter the creative industries, but to lead and shape them.

The School specialises in the following study areas:

• Art and Design
• Fashion
• Journalism, Digital Media and PR
• Music
• Photography
• Television, Film and Moving Image

The School itself is home to a richly diverse community, with its 4,000 students and 250 staff coming from over 50 countries.

Famous alumni

A number of alumni have gone on to high-profile careers in the creative industries, including Michael Jackson (formerly Chief Executive of the UK’s Channel 4), fashion designer Marcus Lupfer, Academy Award winner Asif Kapadia (Director of Amy, Senna and The Warrior) and Christopher Bailey (Creative Design Director at Burberry).

Consequently, the School has gained a really great reputation for professional and practice-based education, and a distinguished record for academic teaching and research. Admission is, therefore, very competitive, with 9,000 applications per year!

How you can study there

Kaplan International College (KIC) London currently provides pathways into 7 of the School’s undergraduate degrees. These are:

• Digital Media and Communication
• Fashion Buying Management
• Fashion Merchandise Management
• Journalism
• Music: Performance, Production and Enterprise
• Public Relations and Advertising
• Television Production.

As part of the admission process, students are required to attend an interview in the School towards the end of their pathway course at KIC London. This is to establish your creativity, enthusiasm and motivation. It usually includes a group discussion on a current, industry-related topic and a one-to-one talk with an admissions tutor.

Helping you to prepare

These interviews generally last between 20 and 30 minutes, and are designed to be challenging. That’s why the School’s admissions tutors work closely with KIC London to support you. The School hosts orientation visits with a guided tour of the facilities, a presentation by senior academics with sample interview questions, and a Q&A session.

University of Westminster School of Media, Arts & Design

At KIC London, we provide an interview preparation programme centred on Wednesday afternoon workshops and personal tutorials, and based upon a comprehensive handbook we produced in 2017.

We want you to be able to explain why you want to study, for example, Fashion Merchandise Management, or Television Production, and why you want to study it at the University of Westminster. Often our students have never described their reasons out loud. During personal tutorials you get a chance to go over these questions again before you have a practice interview with your tutor.

Success stories

University of Westminster School of Media, Arts & Design
America Vasquez from Mexico (pictured above) is now studying Fashion Buying Management. She told us that her interview group discussed the role of technology in changing design, and covered:

• 3D Printing (for fabric design)
• Colour changing technology (for fabrics/hair dye)
• The use of automated systems and fast fashion

This developed into a discussion on sustainable fabrics and ethical design and also the use of fast fashion. Following America’s successful interview, she was offered a place at the School of Media, Arts and Design, graduated from KIC London and is now working towards her dream career.

University of Westminster School of Media, Arts & Design
One student from Kazakhstan, Airika Nariman (pictured above) is now in the first year of a Television Production degree. In December 2017, she gave the graduation speech at KIC London, and thanked the College “for an amazing year studying abroad.” She went on to tell us that “all the communication skills [she] gained [at KIC London] [she] uses every day at university and they help a lot.” Some of these skills were gained during her preparation for the interview.

Since we introduced the preparation programme in 2017, it’s been a huge success! We hope that we can help all of our current and future students to be as successful as America and Airika!

Interested in studying at the University of Westminster’s School of Media, Arts and Design? Find out more about the pathway courses at Kaplan International College London and how you can gain entry to a degree.

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