US university rankings: What should you consider?

08 Sep 2015 - Lindsay Bennett

Each new academic year brings new US university ranking lists, from U.S. News to the Times Higher Education World Rankings to the many top-100 lists published in the media. With so many statistics about admission rates and enrollment yields, grade point averages and average test scores, looking at all the results can quickly feel overwhelming!

Many ranking lists focus on the quality of incoming students, such as how well they did in their previous degrees or how highly they scored on required entry exams. However, it is just as important to look at a university's education outcomes. How well does a university prepare its students for life after graduation? How well are students positioned for career satisfaction and success?

Kaplan Pathways is proud to work with university partners who provide superior outcomes for their graduates:

Work experience and career services

Northeastern University in Boston and Seattle is consistently ranked as one of the USA’s top universities for career services according to The Princeton Review. Its innovative co-op and internship programs give students the opportunity to gain real work experience not once but several times during their degree. Each year, the University places students in co-op positions with over 9,000 employers in more than 80 countries!

These experiences produce real results – for example, 50% of 2014 graduates received a job offer from one of their co-op employers. For these reasons and more, Northeastern is also ranked in the top 15 in the USA for co-ops and internships (U.S. News).

US university ranking - Northeastern University

Return on Investment (ROI)

Pace University's location next to Wall Street, close connections with over 650 employers, and many internship opportunities (over 4,000!) have helped students prepare for careers well ahead of graduation – and the results are impressive. Pace has earned a place on Forbes' Top 20 “Colleges That Will Make You Rich,” Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s Top 50 “US Colleges with Highest Salary Potential for Graduates,” and in the top 15% of’s “College Return on Investment” rankings.

Higher education is a big investment of time, money and effort, one that students and their parents hope will be worth its cost. Return on Investment (ROI) rankings, which look at how much alumni earn in salary compared to how much they spent on tuition costs, provide an excellent indication of how well a university prepares its students for success.

Pace University students on campus

Find the best university for you

We've researched the important US university ranking lists and statistics to make it easier for you to learn more about these excellent universities. Just visit the Northeastern and Pace pages to see more.

Our education advisors are also here to provide expert advice on university selection and guidance through the admission process. Contact us to begin exploring today!

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