My top 5 things to do in London: by a student

21 Aug 2018 - Carrie Wang

Carrie is a master's degree student at the University of Westminster, who studied at Kaplan International College London. Originally from China, she is also a Kaplan Student Ambassador. Having been in London for a while now, she's keen to share her advice on the top 5 things for international students to do in London!

1. A museum to eat at: the Victoria and Albert Museum

museum dining

This stunning museum is free to get into, filled with endless rooms of decorative arts, and houses a permanent collection of 2.3 million objects. YES! 2.3 million objects! So, I believe that at least one of them will amaze you. However, that is not what most attracted me to the museum; what I like the most is the food in the back hall! When you're feeling hungry and tired, just think of eating fresh and tasty roast potatoes, salmon and chicken in the museum hall, all while listening to the piano accompaniment. My friends know I love to go to the museum, but they don't know I go there for food most of the time. What a joyous moment!

2. The highest bar to take a selfie at: The Shard

Bar 31 of The Shard is one of the highest bars you can go to, with a breathtaking view of the London skyline. However, I am not a fan of alcohol which means I go there usually to watch my friends drinking. More importantly, enjoy taking some great selfies!

3. A food market to see the Prime Minister: Borough Market


The thought of one of the largest and oldest food markets make me very excited. It was essentially a wholesale market, and the main supplier of fruit and vegetables to retail greengrocers’ shops in the 20th century. Nowadays, it's lovely to see colourful food and fresh vegetables carefully placed on the stalls; it's beautiful, like an art. But what really excited me was the chance to meet famous people there, Theresa May included. I am a big fan of politics, which I study, so seeing her talking about politics in front of me made me feel very motivated.

4. A restaurant to go bowling in: QUEENS

My friends and I visited QUEENS for some food, drink and bowling when we wanted to celebrate our graduation. After the food and drink, we went bowling. It was fun! A very nice and comfortable place to go bowling with friends.

5. A park for making new friends: Hyde Park

You probably don't need me to introduce you to how nice the views of Hyde Park are, as one of the Royal Parks. The rose garden and boating on the Serpentine are my favourite parts to visit. Nevertheless, bird feeding is actually the main reason I go there. Holding those little birds in your hands and feeding them with apples and nuts just makes me feel great. After feeding them, congratulations! They've become your new friends already.

carrie bird park

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