The Drum Marketing Awards 2019: we're finalists!

26 Mar 2019 - Fiona Raleigh

While you may not have direct contact with the people in our Design team, they are an extremely important part of how we bring our pathway courses to you.

From our brochures and website, to our colleges and accommodation, they work hard to make us stand out from the crowd, so that you know you’re looking at Kaplan International Pathways.

That’s why we’re delighted to announce that we are finalists in the Design category of The Drum Marketing Awards 2019 for our ‘Your Path Your Way’ marketing campaign.

Your Path Your Way

In 2018, our Marketing team launched a new campaign called ‘Your Path Your Way’. Its aim was to switch the focus from us, the company, to the student and their personal experiences.

Everyone’s path is different and it’s important that you feel in control of your education journey. 'Your Path Your Way' means that you can follow whichever path to university that's right for you, and we will guide you every step of the way.

Your Path Your Way  -The Drum Marketing Awards 2019

There was a lot of hard work and planning involved in bringing the ‘Your Path Your Way’ vision to life. From start to finish, our in-house marketing team art-directed and designed the visuals for the whole campaign.

About the campaign, Head of Brand Creative Daniel Sharpe said:

“We commissioned fresh photography so that our images feel authentic. We only use real students and staff in our photoshoots, so we know the path followed by everyone who is represented. In our pathways brochure, we feature over 300 of our own staff and students from around the world!”

Other new design elements included the ‘Your Path Your Way’ ribbon graphic, which serves as a visual metaphor for the path that students will follow; new icons to make communicating with an international audience simpler; and colourful illustrations to bring in an unusual, stand-out feature.

Your Path Your Way - The Drum Marketing Awards 2019

The Drum Marketing Awards celebrate the best marketers and campaigns in the world, and they are one the marketing industry’s most important awards. We’re therefore extremely excited to have received this recognition, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for 3 April 2019 when the winners are announced!

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