Student success at the University of Brighton International College

07 Jun 2017 - Barni Homden

Every year, international students come to England’s sunny southern coast to study with Kaplan at the University of Brighton International College (UBIC). The fantastic staff at the College do everything they can to prepare students for the challenges ahead, and ensure that they progress to their favoured degree at the University of Brighton.

We know that the students who come to UBIC work extremely hard; over the years, we've seen just how dedicated they are to their studies. Now, we’re delighted to reveal some of the success stories of the College’s former students, from between 2013 and 2016:

This just goes to show the impact that our College staff can have on students, and the exceptional hard work and commitment that our students put into their studies.

What our students say...


Ligia from Angola


Completing my Foundation Certificate at the International College has made dealing with my 1st year of university easier. It helped me understand the basic information and concepts of my degree, and enabled me to develop skills such as giving presentation and structuring essays.

Walid from Palestine


Brighton is so cool. It has exciting clubs, and the seafront is great. You can find people of all nationalities, and it’s really easy to meet people at the College and University. When I got here my English skills were really poor, but I just got better and better!

The College’s students have left their mark at the University of Brighton. Chris Pole, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University, was impressed by the high academic standard of UBIC’s students. He said:

“UBIC students come to the University well-prepared for their chosen degree course, and I’m delighted to see the academic progress they make while they’re here. It’s great to see so many UBIC students succeeding at the University of Brighton.”

Changing exit requirements

UBIC students who have progressed to the University of Brighton usually perform as well as international students who enter the University directly, and in many cases even better. The high quality of students progressing from the College has enabled the University to lower the exit requirements of UBIC’s courses for many progression degrees. This means that students have a greater chance to obtain the marks required to receive an unconditional offer for their preferred degree at the University.

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