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10 Dec 2018 - Victoria S Williams

2018 is nearly over — we hope you've had a brilliant year! We've had a fun-packed 12 months here at Kaplan HQ, but as ever, our students are our top priority, and we want to make sure they had a great time too!

That's why before they returned home to enjoy their winter breaks, we decided to carry out a student satisfaction survey. And we're delighted to announce that according to the results, our students are a very happy bunch indeed!

Read on to find out why they're so satisfied with their educational experience with us this year, and why you should consider studying abroad with Kaplan too.

Our student satisfaction survey — the results are in!

We like to keep in regular contact with our students, which is why we recently carried out a student satisfaction survey across 9 of our UK colleges.

We asked a range of questions about how satisfied our students are with their course, with their college, and their overall experience in the UK. A massive 3,545 students responded, and the results were overwhelmingly positive!

90% of students

say their pathway course helped them feel prepared for university

91% of students

say it was easy to ask for advice and support from College staff

90% of students

say they feel confident living and studying abroad as a result of their experience at the College

91% of students

say their city is a great place for international students

90% of students

say they were happy with their overall College experience

Preparing you for university

First of all, an impressive 90% of students surveyed told us their pathway course helped them feel prepared for their university studies. Whether you need to improve your English language level or subject knowledge, or need some additional help adjusting to study in the UK, a pathway course should get you feeling ready for taking the next step and starting your degree.

These great results show that studying a pathway course with Kaplan is the ideal way to prepare for university!

Kaplan Student Satisfaction

Supporting you and boosting your confidence

Moving away from home is a big step, and it’s normal to be nervous! If you’re considering coming to study in the UK, it might help to know that a huge 91% of the students we surveyed said it was easy to ask for advice and support from college staff.

We’ll support you all through your journey with us, so you’re ready to take your next steps. Which is why 90% of respondents to our survey also said they felt confident about living and studying away from home as a result of their experience at college.

Offering you fantastic study locations

student satisfaction 2018 london

With colleges all over the UK, we’re confident we offer some great study locations, and it seems our students agree! A brilliant 91% of the students in our survey said their city or town was a great place for international students. So whether you choose to study in a friendly town by the seaside or in a cosmopolitan city, you know you’ll fit right in!

Come and join us

Kaplan student satisfaction

As if all the above weren’t enough to convince you, how about this: 90% of the students we talked to told us they were happy with their overall college experience. Who can argue with numbers like that?

We look forward to helping more students on their path to university in 2019 — maybe you’ll be one of them! If you’re ready to start your path a great degree in the UK, or at one of our other exciting locations in the USA or Australia, explore the links below, or contact us for more information.

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