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A student’s educational journey to a US university degree

28 Sep 2016 - Lindsay Bennett

At Kaplan International Pathways, we help students start a journey to a life-changing educational experience. Supporting a student through their educational journey as they achieve personal goals and unlock their potential gives us great pride.

Through social media, Vaibhav — one of our students from India — documented his experience as an international student in the USA. Watch the video below to follow his educational journey, from the joy of receiving a US study visa to the excitement of a accepting a new job at MasterCard in St. Louis.

Vaibhav is one of many outstanding students who has transformed his future with Kaplan. His educational journey in the USA began in the Global Pathways program at Pace University in New York. After completing an undergraduate degree in his home country of India, he decided that a master’s degree from a prestigious university in the USA would be his ticket to a fulfilling career. His pathway program gave him the tools and support he needed to succeed in his graduate degree program at Pace.

Are you ready to start your educational journey with Kaplan? Take the first step by contacting one of our education advisors today.

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