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Spotlight on Northeastern: incredible career services

14 Apr 2017 - Lindsay Bennett

While there are many reasons why students decide to study at a university, one of the top reasons is to prepare for a successful career. Most students know that getting good grades is important; just as vital are the skills and tools you learn to be most effective in your job search. A university with first-rate career services can be your ticket to success in the job market.

Northeastern University has built a reputation for excellence in many areas, but especially in career services. Since 2011, it has been ranked 1st or 2nd by Princeton Review for Best Career Services in the USA. Here are just a few reasons why Northeastern’s career services are truly incredible.

Help at each stage of career preparation

With more than 250 programs and events offered during the academic year, there’s something to check out almost every day. There are lots of interesting workshops, on everything from how to build a dynamic LinkedIn profile to the most effective ways to search for jobs. You can also attend career panels where alumni and employers share their insights on a given industry.

As a student, you’re always learning and growing. This means that you’ll need different advice when you start your studies than when you are about to finish. Northeastern has you covered, with training geared toward your needs.

Northeastern students career services

When starting your degree, you can learn how to write a professional resumé, and find out the best way to learn more about a company or industry. By the time you’re preparing to graduate, you can attend seminars on advanced interviewing skills or salary negotiation techniques. This allows to get the information you need at the time it is most relevant to you.

International students will also benefit from targeted programs. Career Development works with the Office of Global Services to organize international student career panels and meet-ups focusing on different topics. For example, you can learn how Americans use sports slang in the workplace, which will help you understand and adapt to US work culture.

Close connections to employers

While learning how to conduct effective job searches is necessary for any student, the ability to meet and make connections with employers is key to taking your career preparation to the next level. This is where Northeastern’s career services truly shine.

The University has developed partnerships with more than 3,000 employers on 6 continents, and has an office of 10 staff who focus just on building and maintaining these employer relations. These resources are extremely valuable if you want to get a co-op work placement during your studies, collaborate with a company on a short-term project, or find full-time opportunities after you graduate.

Career guidance at Northeastern University

Northeastern also hosts 2 of the largest regional career fairs every year, attracting more than 500 companies from a wide range of industries. These are great opportunities to meet face-to-face with recruiters and build your professional network.

Another unique program the University offers is Employers in Residence (EIR), where select companies are given offices in the Career Development Center. Students are encouraged to set up appointments to meet with EIRs not only to learn more about their business or industry, but also to ask more general career-related questions. You can ask for a review of your resumé, or tips on how to ace your interview from a seasoned professional.

Northeastern career fair

Career services tailored to your needs

It’s easy to meet one-one-one with a career counselor, and they offer different appointments for different needs. There are 15-minute walk-ins for resumé and cover letter critiques, 30-minute sessions for specific questions such as evaluating a job offer, and longer appointments for more in-depth conversations. These can be done in-person, by phone or even by Skype.

Many of the career counselors at Northeastern come to the University with several years’ experience working in other industries. When you sit down with one, you’re meeting with someone who understands the career search process from multiple perspectives.

Northeastern career advising

For these reasons and more, Northeastern’s Career Development office earns high marks. After only 1 session with a career counselor, According to Online Schools Center96% of Northeastern students reported that they were more prepared and comfortable with the job process. The proof is also in the results: 92% of Northeastern students are employed or enrolled in further studies within 9 months of graduation (Online Schools Center).

Find out how you can study a degree at Northeastern University and prepare for a promising career.

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