Spotlight on Bournemouth: the power of work placements

11 Aug 2017 - Chris Rackley

There are so many benefits to studying at university. Not only does it provide you with a great education; it also broadens horizons, grants independence and offers up a diverse social experience that can be hard to find elsewhere.

Bournemouth University is no different, and has gained a reputation for award-winning teaching, creative learning and an exceptional coastal setting.

However, while it’s important to enjoy the journey, most students’ primary reason for enrolling at university is to gain access to a rewarding and well paid career – ultimately, to get a job.


Employability is something that Bournemouth takes a lot of pride in; it boasts an impressive 93.6% employment rate within six months of graduating (Destination of Leavers from Higher Education).

The University recognises the increasing competitiveness of the job market, and understands that it is no longer good enough to simply hold a degree when applying for jobs.

According to UCAS, a recent survey revealed that two thirds of employers look for graduates with relevant work experience. At Bournemouth, you are guaranteed the chance to hone your skills in the real world as 100% of its undergraduates are offered placements.

Work Placements

While a large number of courses have a mandatory placement year, all courses offer some form of placement opportunity, whether it is for a full 12 months or for a shorter period of time. Because of this, 90% of Bournemouth students leave with relevant work experience (, Furthermore, the University has been named as #1 in Britain for students on work placements (Higher Education Statistics Agency).

The rewards of a placement year are plenty. Not only does it boost your career prospects, it allows you to acquire new skills and grow in confidence. Studies also show that participating students perform better when returning to university for their final year.

Bournemouth students are much better prepared for work as a result of the hands-on experience they receive on work placements. Recent students have been working with global brands such as Microsoft, Discovery and Warner Brothers, and cite increased motivation, professionalism and confidence as just a few of the benefits.

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