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Sara's 5 reasons to study at UWE Bristol's International College

01 May 2019 - Sara

Sara from Bahrain is a Kaplan Student Ambassador, studying a Foundation Certificate for Science and Engineering at UWE Bristol’s International College (UWEBIC). She’s having a great time in Bristol and has shared her top 5 reasons to study at UWEBIC!

1. I love living in Bristol

Located in the south-west of England, Bristol is a great place to study and there’s lots to do at any time of the day or night. The extraordinary nature around the Clifton area relieves your stress on busy days. On the other hand, Cabot Circus is a place where you can hang out with your international friends to enjoy good food, shopping, entertainment, activities and live music!

5 reasons to study at UWE Bristol's International College: by Sara

2. The staff are amazing

One thing that really helps you get over the homesickness and culture shock of moving to a new country is the friendly staff at the College. They are more than lecturers, more than advisers and more than just members of staff.

The people who work here have actually supported us and helped us through our studies, and most significantly of all, you can talk to them whenever you need to! They have told us about good places to visit, improved our learning by organising drop-in sessions and also, lecturers join us to have a chat during lunch breaks. This motivates us to work hard, and makes the hard work enjoyable. At UWEBIC, the crew is really what you can call a team!

3. You get so much support

UWEBIC staff encouraged me to join the Environment and Sustainability Society, which is part of the Students’ Union at UWE. Through this society, I have met people at the University from various countries, who have mutual interests. I have also developed my knowledge regarding sustainability, climate change and waste management.

The event organiser at UWEBIC invited the Chief Executive of the charity WasteAid to come and speak at the College about ways to manage waste globally. It was really interesting and has enormously improved my understanding and knowledge of environmental concerns, which has supported me in my Environmental Engineering studies.

The WasteAid project collects plastic waste from the coastal town of Gunjur in Gambia and turns it into useful products to stop it reaching the ocean. For instance, volunteers transform plastic waste into building bricks!

4. There are loads of events

One of the best things about being a Kaplan student in Bristol is that the team organises so many events throughout the year! They offer literally everything you could ever think of. Here are just a few of the events I have come across while studying at UWEBIC:

5. Getting around is easy

Another important factor to consider when choosing an educational institution is the transport links. While studying at UWEBIC, I’ve found it really convenient that you can live in the city centre and easily get to College.

A student’s monthly transport pass, which gives you unlimited trips anywhere in Bristol, costs just £46! It’s affordable, safe and most importantly, unlimited! There are also cycle routes all over Bristol.

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