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06 Feb 2017 - Lindsay Bennett

Students in Pace University’s Undergraduate Global Pathways program can now earn more transferable credits than ever before.

The Global Pathways program has always allowed students to transfer credits into their degree at Pace, but the new curriculum offers even more possibilities than before. Starting in Fall 2017, students who enter for any program length (1-term, 2-term or 3-term) can now earn more credits during each term of the Global Pathways program.

If you complete 3 terms of the Global Pathways program you can earn up to 31 academic credits  ̶  enough to progress into the 2nd year of your bachelor’s degree! That means you can finish your degree in the same amount of time as a student who enters Pace University directly.

The table below shows the maximum total credits a student can earn under the new curriculum, compared to the previous version:

Number of terms in the Global Pathways program Previous total transferable credits New total transferable credits
1 7 7 – 13
2 13 13 – 22
3 16 16 – 31

More tailored to your needs and goals

The Global Pathways program at Pace provides university-level English preparation alongside specialized academic coursework.

The revised curriculum allows students to take more advanced-level writing courses during the Global Pathways program. During orientation week, your writing proficiency will be evaluated, and you will be placed in the appropriate starting level. You will receive preparation that is more tailored to your abilities and needs, rather than following a one-size-fits-all model. Advanced writing courses also offer transferable academic credits.

You can also earn credits from a set of preselected classes that count toward Pace’s Core Curriculum. These general education requirements are a key component of US bachelor’s degree studies, and span several academic disciplines. All students complete a minimum number of general education credits during their degree, regardless of their major.

Pathways students in Pace University libraryThere are other benefits to the improved program, too. Lajlim Yang, Assistant Director of International Students and Scholars at Pace University, says,

“The new curriculum allows our students to gain even more experience in a US university classroom and to interact more with students outside the Global Pathways program. It offers students a safe place to practice and make mistakes, while also giving them the chance to use their new knowledge immediately in real academic settings. This is so important for language learning, and will help our students to be even better prepared for success in their academic experience at Pace.”

Your Global Pathways academic advisor will provide personalized guidance to help you put together a schedule based on your needs, goals and class availability.

About Pathways at Pace University

Pathways at Pace University has been helping international students achieve their academic goals at Pace since 2012. We offer progression from the Global Pathways program to more than 60 bachelor’s degrees and over 30 master’s degrees. Our education advisors also provide expert guidance and assistance to students who apply for direct entry to a Pace University degree.

About Pace University

Pace University is a mid-sized private American university that combines excellent academics with an unparalleled focus on career preparation. Its locations in downtown New York City and nearby Westchester offer 2 exceptional campus experiences, and one of the largest internship programs in the New York metropolitan area.

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