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Nottingham Trent University named 5th most sustainable in the world

08 Jan 2019 - Victoria S Williams

Nottingham Trent University is ringing in the new year by celebrating a brilliant achievement — being named as the 5th most sustainable university in the world!

Leading the way in sustainability

Nottingham trent university sustainable classroom teaching

The Green Metric World University Ranking was established by the University of Indonesia in 2010. It rates universities on their commitment to improving sustainability and green issues, or in other words, what they are doing to help protect the environment.

More than 700 universities around the globe were judged in 6 categories: energy, climate change, waste, water, transport and education. Nottingham Trent University came an amazing 5th overall!

Moreover, NTU was one of only 4 universities to win full marks in the education category, and one of only 10 to again score full points in the waste category.

This fantastic achievement shows that NTU is leading the way in sustainability. In fact, staff from universities as far away as Chile, South Korea and Australia have all recently visited NTU to learn how they can be more sustainable too!

Current initiatives

NTU has a dedicated Sustainable Development team working on new projects all year round.  For example, Greening The City will create more greens spaces, and Plastic Planet aims to reduce the use of plastic.

The University will also be launching a brand new project this year, called Green Rewards. This project will encourage staff to be more environmentally conscious in everything they do on campus.

Plus, NTU has recently signed up to WARpit, an innovative new platform that allows staff to recycle and share office furniture. Using WARpit, staff will be able to pass unwanted items on to people who need them. Conversely, staff who need new furniture will be able to find second-hand items for free, rather than buying them new. This great initiative should help to cut down on waste across the whole campus.

Study at Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham Trent University students smiling

With so much important work going on, now is an exciting time to join NTU! If you’d like to study at NTU’s sustainable campus, a pathway course with Kaplan could help.

Contact us for more information, or search for degrees at Nottingham Trent University using the degree finder below.


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