Northeastern University ranking rises to top 40 in US university rankings

28 Sep 2016 - Lindsay Bennett

Northeastern University continues its impressive rise up the US university rankings lists. In September, it was named the 39th Best National University on U.S. News & World Report’s 2017 Best Colleges list – its highest ranking to date. The annual report compares the academic quality of more than 1,800 US-based colleges and universities, and is one of the most famous rankings of undergraduate programs in the USA.

A rapid rise in rankings

In recent years, the Northeastern University ranking has seen one of the most dramatic climbs up the league tables since U.S. News began ranking universities in 1983 (Boston Business Journal, August 14, 2006). It has also achieved global recognition in rankings lists such as Times Higher Education, Shanghai Academic World, QS World and U.S. News Best Global Universities. Northeastern is now a popular destination for students from all over the world, and ranks in the top 10 US universities for number of international students (U.S. News 2016).

Northeastern University rises to top 40 ranking

Increased value for international students

Francis Griffin, Director of Global Pathways at Northeastern University, sums up the ultimate value of the U.S. News Northeastern University ranking for international students:

“Northeastern has risen significantly in the national rankings since 2007, when the University partnered with Kaplan to offer the Global Pathways program to international students. Northeastern has always offered tremendous opportunities for academic learning and work experiences. Now, our diverse group of international students has also brought the University the attention it deserves. As a student of Northeastern University, your degree will now go further than ever before, and earn you the respect of potential employers around the world.”

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