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Nolvia's educational journey with Kaplan

15 Oct 2018 - Barni Homden

Here at Kaplan, we recently had the fantastic opportunity to catch up with Nolvia Delgado. Nolvia is a former student of the Kaplan Educational Foundation, an organisation which helps students from diverse backgrounds enter top colleges and universities in the US.

Nolvia came from a challenging background, but has since gone on to graduate from Smith College in Massachusetts, and do some incredible work. But, to begin with, we wanted to find out how the Kaplan Educational Foundation affected Nolvia’s life:

We’d also heard many great things about the important work Nolvia has been doing since she finished her education. We were keen to find out more:

Nolvia comes from a background that’s been challenging, and that can often be a barrier to getting a good education. We wanted to ask Nolvia about her experiences, and how they shaped her education and later life:

Clearly, education has played a big role in Nolvia’s life. We ended by asking just why she believes it is so crucial:

Nolvia’s journey is something that’s inspired us. We share her passion for education and the good it can do, and we’re delighted to see that she’s gone on to do such amazing work!

And now Nolvia’s educational experience has come full circle: we’re delighted to say that Nolvia has joined the Kaplan family as a Charitable Partnerships and Fundraising Manager! She will be working across the business, helping to develop Kaplan’s work with charities and NGOs. We’re delighted to be welcoming aboard such a bright and talented young woman, and look forward to all great things Nolvia will do with Kaplan in the future.

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