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Find your path with the brand new 2020-21 University Pathways Guide

11 Dec 2019 - Barni Homden

At Kaplan International Pathways, we offer you an enormous range of education options, at universities all over the world.

It can be difficult to see just how much choice you have when you are deciding where and what to study. If only you had some kind of engaging, well-designed tool that serves as an informative but easy-to-understand guide to your options…

Thankfully, now you do! We’re extremely excited to launch our new flagship publication: the University Pathways Guide for 2020-21. This will give you a comprehensive overview of what a pathway course is, and how it works.

You can also read about each of our unique university partners in the UK, USA and Australia, and see which degree subjects are available to you at each study destination. Take a look, and see for yourself what your future path could look like.

Download the 2020-21 University Pathways Guide

What’s inside?

The new brochure will give you a great overview of what you can study with Kaplan International Pathways, but it also explains what a pathway course is, and why you might need to take one to enrol at university. You can read about each of our university partners across the world, and the exciting places you could study in.

Fantastic features include:

  • simple flowcharts explaining the pathways process
  • smartly designed tables showing you which subjects you can study, and where
  • beautiful illustrations help explain your path to success
  • our brand new partnership with the University of Bristol
  • helpful hints on where to find more info!

In short, the University Pathways Guide has all the information you need to begin your educational journey. It will help you start your path, your way—download a copy now, and see where your path will lead you!

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