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#YourPathYourWay: students share their stories in National Geographic Learning anthology

18 Jun 2020 - Victoria S Williams

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the news sometimes. That’s why we’re delighted to be able to share a truly positive story with you: some of our students’ most creative and inspiring work is featured in a joint Kaplan and National Geographic Learning anthology.

Inspiring student stories

National Geographic Learning produces bespoke academic textbooks that feature real-world content from both National Geographic and TED. These are included among the learning materials for Kaplan’s pathway courses. However, they and Kaplan were keen to explore other ways t0 enhance the learning experience for Kaplan students by giving them the opportunity to boost their transferable and employability skills. After some discussions, the idea of showcasing their creative talents in a special jointly produced Kaplan and National Geographic Learning anthology was born!

In February 2020, students across Kaplan’s UK colleges took part in an exciting competition as part of Applied Learning Week. Students could either submit 3 photos on the theme “My Kaplan Life”, or send a short story, poem, or personal essay on the theme “Your Path, Your Way”, with the help of a National Geographic photo as inspiration.

As you can see from some of the winning entries below, students took to the task with great enthusiasm!

There were also great prizes on offer for the winners. For example, national-level winners in the photo competition were invited to an exclusive online photography workshop with National Geographic photographer Gabby Salazar.

The budding photographers will also receive a signed photographic print, and a National Geographic photography book.

Meanwhile, students who won the creative writing competition at national level got a certificate and their very own copy of the anthology.

National Geographic Photographer Gabby Salazar

Pictured above: National Geographic photographer Gabby Salazar

“It is not hands that did the writing, but my heart”

However, students didn’t only benefit from the great prizes. The competition was also a chance for students to develop academic and transferable skills.

For example, entrants to the creative writing competition had the opportunity to practise their written language skills, while all students were able to enhance and demonstrate their creativity, an important transferable skill.

All of the students who took part were also able to showcase their work in their KapPACK e-portfolio. KapPACK is an important part of the Kaplan experience.

It is a record of your time at Kaplan where you can show how you’ve developed, not just academically, but as a person. It’s a fantastic resource that you can use alongside your academic transcripts and CV.

However, above everything else, the competition has been a great way for students to explore their interests, and have fun! As photo competition winner, King Tun So (Edwin) from Australia said:

“I love chasing my passion: creating visually stunning images.”

For other students, it was a chance to learn new ways to express themselves. Jasem Dashti from Kuwait, who won for his poetry said:

“I have never been able to express my feelings with words until I started to write poetry. It is not hands that did the writing, but my heart.”

Learn more

Our partnership with National Geographic Learning is still going strong, and we’re looking forward to exploring new ways of showcasing Kaplan students’ incredible talents! Until then, why not explore the anthology?

Please note: National Geographic Learning and Kaplan International Pathways have chosen not to make the anthology downloadable, to protect the copyright assets within and retain the ownership of the participants’ work.

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