My top 5 things to do in York: by a student

15 Jan 2019 - Rachel Santana

Rachel from Brazil is a Kaplan Student Ambassador. She moved to the UK last year to begin a Foundation Certificate at the University of York International Pathway College. She is now in her first year of a Psychology degree at the University of York, and she has some great tips to share with any other international students considering studying there!

There is nothing like exploring the best local spots to make you feel at home in a new city, and in the walled city of York there are so many wonderful places to choose from! Here are my top 5 things to do in York.

1. Visit Gatehouse Coffee

Nestled on top of one of the gates in the city walls, is an amazing coffee place called Gatehouse Coffee. The stone walls and vintage furniture create the cosiest atmosphere of all of the coffee places I’ve visited in the city, and they serve wonderful hot chocolate. They also serve breakfast, with vegetarian options available, and on a beautiful morning you can take your food up to the terrace and enjoy the view!

2. Eat at the Hop pub

Another place I like to go to is my favourite pub, the Hop, located at Fossgate. Normally people wouldn’t expect pub food to be delicious, but believe me when I tell you that they serve the BEST pizza I have eaten since I arrived in York, which was almost a year ago now! On top of that, the Hop has live music every weekend.

3. Walk around the York Museum Gardens

Whenever the sun comes out in York, I like to take that classic, and yet never boring, stroll in the York Museum Gardens. It's the perfect place to have a picnic with friends, lie down to read a book, appreciate the colours of the flowers (taking some wonderful pictures, of course) and see what is left of St. Mary’s Abbey, which dates back to 1088!

4. Visit the York Theatre Royal

For those of you who, like me, enjoy going to the theatre, the York Theatre Royal at St. Leonard’s Place is definitely a must-go! The theatre is beautiful, small and cosy, and the staff are really friendly. I recommend checking out their website for amazing plays and events!

5. Take Salsa lessons with the Latin American Society

Finally, I always end my week with a bit of Salsa! The Latin American Society at my university organises Salsa lessons every Friday, which are completely free for members! With really great energy and music, the society committee structures the lessons so that both beginners and advanced level dancers can learn something new and enjoy themselves!

I’ve been enjoying my time here in York even more than I expected and can’t wait to explore more of this incredible city and university.

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