My path, my way: Salma's story

19 Jun 2018 - Robert Sadler

At Kaplan, we're so happy to help students follow their path to a leading university. We hope that we can help you to do the same, and to find your way to a great degree and career.

We'd like to share with you the story of Salma, from Tunisia. Salma originally studied an undergraduate degree in her home country, and decided to come to the UK to pursue a master's degree. So why did she choose to follow this path?

"I wanted to study in the UK because the education system here is among the best in the world. Also, it's a very beautiful country with great culture and a rich history to discover."

Salma studied a Pre-Master's course at Kaplan International College London, in order to qualify for entry to a master's degree in International Business Economics at City, University of London.

"Studying with Kaplan was the best way to become familiar with the British education system, and to improve my English language skills to meet the requirements for university. I chose City, University of London because of its reputation and world-class professors, and because I had heard positive feedback from previous students."

Salma international student City University of London master's degree graduation

Salma found her Pre-Master's course extremely useful, and it enabled her to progress to her master's degree at City.

"My Pre-Master’s course helped me a lot, especially with how to write dissertations and other coursework. I’d never have been able to do that without my Kaplan course because I come from a French school, which is very different from the English system. I learnt how to write in an academic style, how to reference properly, and other similar skills. The College staff and teachers were very helpful, and I would definitely recommend Kaplan."

She also had an incredible student experience in London, and made many friends along the way.

"I love London! I love living here and I have a lot of friends. I enjoy going out, going to the cinemas, park and museums. Friends become your second family while you're studying - we go out and discover new places in London together. I just love this city. "

Salma gained a distinction in her International Business Economics degree, and was accepted by City, University of London to continue her studies on a PhD.

Find out more about Salma's master's degree at her graduation ceremony.

Salma's path to success

Studied a bachelor's degree

in her home country

Took a Pre-Master's course

with Kaplan in London

Successfully progressed to her master's degree

at City, University of London

Graduated with a distinction

and is now studying a PhD at City

Getting a distinction is the highest honour a master’s degree student can receive, and can only have resulted from a great deal of effort and dedication.

“Earning a distinction means a lot to me, because it means I can finally celebrate all my hard work. It makes my graduation very special, and it’s important to me that I’ve achieved my goal.”

Looking ahead, we’re confident that Salma will successfully complete her doctoral degree. After that, the possibilities are endless. Whatever Salma decides to do, she’s got the potential to go on to great things.

Have you been inspired by what Salma has achieved? You too can follow your own path to university and career success. Discover your choice of universities, education routes and study locations, or contact us to find out more!

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