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My path, my way: Rebecca's story

04 Jun 2018 - Robert Sadler

At Kaplan, we want to help students like you follow your path to a top university. We also want you to have a fantastic education and incredible study abroad experience your way.

Each of our students has their own story, and we’re so happy to share some of these stories with you, to show you that you too can follow your path, your way.

Meet Rebecca (Jihang) from China. She originally studied a bachelor’s degree in Economics in her home country, but then decided to follow a career in finance. And what better place to follow that path than the financial centre of the world – New York City?

Rebecca chose to study on the Global Pathways program at Pace University in New York, so that she could gain entry to a master’s degree in Finance – an industry she describes as being “the most powerful and fascinating in the world” – and follow her ambitions.

My Path My Way Jihang Rebecca

“I wanted to experience US culture, and the best way to truly experience it was to live in the USA” says Rebecca. “I chose Pace University because it’s in one of the most exciting cities in the world – New York!”

Rebecca chose to follow her path to Pace University for other reasons, too.

“Also, according to my research, Pace has great careers services, good connections with lots of banks and accounting companies in the USA, and is very friendly towards international students.”

Rebecca successfully passed her Global Pathways program, and progressed to a master’s degree in Investment Management at Pace University. During her degree, she had the opportunity to take an internship as a Financial Analyst with Merrill Lynch, part of Bank of America Corporation.

She found that her Global Pathways program and degree were a great help for her internship.

“The academic classes were very helpful. I learnt a lot of theory in class, so that when I actually came to apply that theory in my internship, I know why I’m doing certain things.

“Also, my professor expected me to read the Finance news every day. That was a big help because it helped me to understand how the financial system works in the USA.

Rebecca's path to success

Studied bachelor's degree in Economics

in her home country

Passed Global Pathways program

and progressed to a master's degree

Completed degree and internships in New York

and now has a great job with IBM, made possible by her studying abroad!

Rebecca’s story is a great example to show that whatever path you follow, you can apply skills from your pathway course. She completed a 2nd internship with Merrill Lynch during her degree, and gained a fantastic set of skills and experiences while she studied abroad. This made her highly attractive to employers, and she has since accepted and started a great job with IBM in Beijing.

“I got several job offers when I graduated from Pace University, and I’m so excited about my career. I couldn’t have done it without Pace University or my pathway program. I learnt so much, and I’ve made friends with people from all over the world!”

Finally, we asked Rebecca for any tips to give to international students:

“Try to challenge yourself – even if you think you’re not qualified for a position, you should still try, because you have the ambition, so just go for it!”

That’s certainly what Rebecca did, and you can follow your path, your way, just like her.

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