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My path, my way: Gary's story

18 Oct 2018 - Victoria S Williams

Here at Kaplan, we help international students follow their path to great universities around the world. But did you know that lots of our employees studied abroad too? We’ve decided to share some of their inspiring stories with you, so you can see how you too could follow your path to a degree overseas.

Gary’s story


Gary was born in the UK to a Vietnamese-Chinese father and a Malaysian-Chinese mother. He grew up in London, and when he was old enough, he decided to study a bachelor’s degree in English Literature with Chinese at the University of Westminster, in his hometown. However, Gary really wanted to experience life abroad, too. Thankfully, going to university made this possible!

“While I was at university, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to study abroad in China, since my minor was in Chinese.”

Studying and working abroad

Gary certainly didn’t want to pass up this fantastic opportunity, so he packed his bags and spent a year continuing his studies at Tsinghua University in Beijing! However that wasn’t the end of his time abroad.

“In Beijing, I made friends from around the world, and many of them were Korean. I learned about Korean culture and ideals and it inspired me to start learning Korean. In fact, I felt so inspired, I applied to continue studying the language at Sogang University in Seoul!”

gary my path my way body abroad

Gary spent several months in Korea, and even before returning to London, he had vowed to go back.

“In Seoul, I was influenced and touched by those around me. In my final term at university, I took a big leap and applied to work in Korea as an English teacher when I graduated. Since I was going to have a degree in English Literature, it was the perfect opportunity to go back!”

After spending 4 years teaching in Korea, Gary decided it was time to start a new adventure.

“I came back to London, and that’s when I discovered Kaplan. After researching everything about the company I fell in love with what it does and what it stands for. I’ve studied abroad twice, and have experience dealing with international students and parents, so I knew Kaplan would be the perfect place to further my career.”

Gary decided to apply for a job at Kaplan — and he got it!

Gary's path to success

Studied a bachelor's degree

at the University of Westminster

Studied abroad

in Beijing and Seoul

Taught English abroad

in Korea

Got a job

at Kaplan in London

Gary now works at Kaplan as an Admissions Coordinator, where his time studying and working abroad has proved extremely useful.

“I interact with students, parents, sponsors and agents through various applications such as LiveChat, and help students on their path to studying at a university abroad. I hope to help many international students follow their path, just like people helped me follow mine.”

If you’d like to follow your path to a degree at a top university  in the UK, USA or Australia, explore the links below to learn more about your options.

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