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My path, my way: Ahmed's story

09 Oct 2018 - Victoria S Williams

At Kaplan, we’ve helped many students just like you to follow their path to university and a great career. But it’s not just our students who have inspiring stories to tell — so do our staff!

Kaplan’s employees come from all over the world, and each has followed a unique path to get to where they are today. We’ve decided to share some of their stories with you so you can see how you can follow your path, your way, too.

Ahmed’s story


Meet Ahmed. He was born in the UK, but he moved with his family to Dubai when he was only 5 years old. At first he found it a little bit difficult to adjust to life in a new country, but he soon made lots of friends and settled in well at school.

Ahmed lived in Dubai for 12 years, but when he was ready to go to university, he decided it was time for a change.

“I wanted to be more independent and explore all my options, so I moved back to the UK to attend the University of Plymouth. I studied a BSC in Business Management and I loved every minute of it!”

After graduating from university, Ahmed decided to return to Dubai and get a job. He started out working in real estate, where he gained some valuable skills.

“It was a great experience. I got to deal with high-end clients and understand how each person can be different when it comes to selling products.”

ahmed my path my way body image 2

While Ahmed was living and working in Dubai, he was in close contact with his brother, who was working for Kaplan in London. After hearing lots of stories from his brother about his job and his life in the UK, Ahmed decided to come to London.

When he arrived though, he received some surprising news — his brother had got him an interview for a job at Kaplan! After Ahmed attended the interview, he got some even better news: he was offered the role.

“I got to pursue my dreams by living and working in London, but most importantly, I got to feel truly independent.”

Ahmed's path to success

Completed school

in Dubai

Studied a bachelor's degree

in the UK

Gained valuable work experience

in Dubai

Got a great job

at Kaplan

Ahmed thinks that having once been an international student himself has played a big part in his success at Kaplan.

“I’m currently an Admissions Officer for Kaplan, and I feel I understand how to help students now because I was in the same situation myself not too long ago. It goes to show that when you have a goal and you can motivate yourself, you will get to where you want to be.”

Ahmed’s story certainly demonstrates that getting a great education can help you achieve your dreams.

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