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My path, my way: Fahad's story

28 Mar 2019 - Fahad AlSwailim

My name is Fahad and I am from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

My path began when I arrived at Kaplan International College (KIC) London in 2012 to study a Foundation Certificate in Business, Law and Social Sciences. I am now a Marketing Specialist back in Saudi Arabia, but there were many steps on my journey to this point, so I’m going to tell you how I followed my path, my way.

Choosing my path

I chose to study abroad, especially in the UK, because I spent 4 years at primary school in London when I was a child, and I wanted to return to this amazing city.

When I came back to London for my pathway course, I remember feeling optimistic and excited about what I would learn and how I would grow by living in such a diverse city, full of opportunities for self-development.

My path, my way: Fahad's story

At the beginning of my pathway course, my intention was to focus on Public Relations, but as time went on, I realised that I was actually more engaged with the business topics I was studying at the College. Fortunately, I was able to change my path and progress to a bachelor’s degree in International Marketing at the University of Westminster.

I couldn’t wait to go to university and learn as much as possible about Marketing! In my opinion, it’s an essential part of any business and I wanted to dive deep into the subject.

Following my path

I studied hard at KIC London and university, gained my bachelor’s degree in 2015, and I am now a Marketing Specialist at Naizak Global Engineering Systems. I can truly say that the skills and knowledge I gained at KIC London have helped me in my job, especially when I first started working.

My path, my way: Fahad's story

During my pathway course, I learned a lot about many different areas of business. This meant that when I started working I could adapt successfully in other departments, including Human Resources and Sales. As well as this, studying at Kaplan taught me how to work efficiently in a group, something that is vital in my current job.

The best thing about studying abroad was that I was exposed to so many cultures and amazing people who helped shape me into the person I am today. I gained professional connections and met people who I truly consider to be friends for life.

Fahad's path to success

Studied a Foundation Certificate

at Kaplan International College London

Gained a bachelor's degree in International Marketing

from the University of Westminster

Moved back to Saudi Arabia

and began a career as a Marketing Specialist

Continuing my path

As I continue to follow my path, my goal is to further develop myself by gaining more experience, building my professional network, and taking on more responsibilities so that I become qualified for a managerial role.

In the future, I would like to become an entrepreneur and develop my own business, focused on online social commerce.

This is my path so far.

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