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My path, my way: Cici's story

29 Jul 2019 - Cici (Zhao) Huang

I’m Cici and I’m originally from China. I studied a Foundation Certificate at Glasgow International College (GIC), then progressed to a bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Glasgow, and I recently graduated with first-class honours. 

My time in the UK is coming to an end, but I’m still following my path, my way. Here’s my story.

Studying at Glasgow International College

When I was at Glasgow International College, I met friends from around the world, gained interesting knowledge in class, and took part in so many activities — it was truly an incredible and memorable time for me!

My path, my way: Cici's story

I learned a lot while I was at the College, and the tutors really helped me to prepare for my university studies. For example, the Study Skills module equipped me with essential skills for formatting essays, referencing and writing reports.

“…we could strengthen our knowledge through practical experiences.”

And our lectures and tutorials were always interesting! At GIC the classes are interactive, so there would always be debates, group presentations, team-building challenges, and role-playing exercises. This meant that instead of studying in a passive way, we could strengthen our knowledge through practical experiences.

We could also speak to our Learning Support Tutor (LST) and university mentors every week. They were very helpful and provided me with many useful tips for studying, and also for my social life in Glasgow.

Another amazing thing about GIC is that we were given lots of opportunities to socialise and meet people. I was one of the student representatives and this role really improved my communication and organisation skills because I was always liaising with staff and students. It helped me to step out of my comfort zone and become a more confident person.

Progressing to the University of Glasgow

After I progressed to the University of Glasgow, I joined various clubs, even taking on leadership roles in some of the University’s societies, but I also kept close ties with GIC. I worked there as a University Mentor for international students and I volunteered as a Student Helper at the College.

My path, my way: Cici's story

These kinds of extra-curricular activities, as well as my academic performance, helped me to secure internships at different Fortune 500 companies, including RBS, China Merchants Bank and Later, I had the opportunity to work with the Academic Services Team at GIC, and they were the best team ever! Everyone was so supportive and kind, and I learnt a lot.

Cici's path to success

Studied a Foundation Certificate for Business and Social Sciences

at Glasgow International College

Progressed to the University of Glasgow

to study a bachelor's degree in Economics

Boosted her CV

through extra-curricular activities and internships

Moving to Singapore

to study a master's degree in Data Science

My new start is in Singapore, where I will do my master’s degree in Data Science, and I’m really looking forward to this next chapter. I will definitely miss Glasgow, the College and the University, but I’m sure I will be back at some point in my life!

This is my path so far.

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