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My path, my way: Cat's story

26 Sep 2019 - Cat Young

I’m Cat and I was born and raised in the southern United States. My passion for global travel and my experiences living abroad led to a career in international student services. Five years ago, I joined Kaplan as the Director of International Pathways at Pace University in New York City.

Seeking new experiences

I’ve always enjoyed going to places that are very different from where I grew up. I attended university 1,600 kilometers from my hometown, and during my second year I spent 3 months in Florence, Italy, followed by 2 months in London. It was a fantastic opportunity to immerse myself in language, art and theater!

Pace Pathways Cat Young semester abroad - international students

After graduation, I moved to Nantes in France for a year to teach English and to improve my French. Although I had studied the language since high school, I wanted to learn how to speak like a local person. I was aware that what I had learned in the classroom wasn’t the same as what I heard in the movies and on television! The young students I tutored taught me so much, including all the French slang I could use to sound more authentic.

Cultural immersion

The following year, I completed a master’s degree in French and moved to Paris. I knew that I had truly immersed myself in the culture when I couldn’t recall whether I had watched movies in English or French.

international students
My happiest moment came when my aunt visited, and another American tourist mistook me for a native French speaker, telling me that my English was very good. My aunt replied that, “it should be, since she’s from Mississippi!”

Cat's path to success

Studied abroad in Florence and London

during her bachelor's degree

Worked in France

and immersed herself in French language and culture

Joined Kaplan International Pathways

and combined her passions for international travel and campus life

From passion to career

I’ve known since university that I love 2 things: campus life and international travel. When I started recruiting international students to US universities, I knew I had found a career that successfully combined these interests.

As Director of Pace Pathways, I work closely with the University admissions team to recruit students and to develop policies for students enrolled in the Pathways program. Each semester, my team and I get to welcome new arrivals, guide them through orientation, and answer any questions during their first few weeks of classes.

I love that my job at Kaplan allows me to use my international experience to help new students confidently find their way at Pace and in the USA.

This is my path so far.

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