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My path, my way: Ademi's story

31 May 2019 - Ademi Bektursunova

I’m Ademi from Kazakhstan and I’m studying at Northeastern University in Boston.

Last year, I was offered direct admission to a master’s degree in Informatics at Northeastern’s College of Professional Studies. I’m halfway through my degree now, and excited to share how I’m following my path to a great career.

Finding my path

I want to work in information technology because it is an innovative, fast-growing industry and it’s related to everything, from healthcare to finance. I have a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and experience working for a telecommunications company,  but I want to deepen my knowledge, particularly in the area of information security.

Kazakh student Ademi International Guest House

When I discovered Northeastern’s College of Professional studies, it seemed like the perfect fit. Their master’s degrees are designed for students who want to gain practical career skills rather than to focus on theory. I also like that it’s in Boston because the city has so many university students and it feels very safe, which was very important to my parents.

Making friends

Because I didn’t know anyone in Boston, the first few days after I arrived were a bit lonely. I chose to stay in International Guest House (IGH), a dormitory-style residence popular with international students, so it didn’t take long to meet other people in the building’s dining room and social lounges.

We talked about university life and the challenges of living in another country. We also explored restaurants in the neighborhood and taught each other about our own cultures. It was amazing, and I was so happy to find these friends!

International Guest House roommates

Designing my future

Northeastern has a large international student community, and an incredibly wide range of classes taught by professors with real-world experience.

When I started my degree, I was 100% certain that I would concentrate in Information Security, which builds on my experience and skills. However, I realized that I lacked skills in project management and data analytics.

I am so grateful for my academic advisor! Together, we created a customized concentration that combines information security management, technical project management and data analytics.

I’m following our plan and I’m so happy that we mapped everything out.

Ademi's path to success

Bachelor's degree and work experience

in her home country

Direct admission to MPS Informatics

at Northeastern University's College of Professional Studies

Formed friendships

at International Guest House in Back Bay

Gaining analytic and management skills

to complement her expertise in information security

I see a lot of potential for the field of information security. In the future, all information will be stored in the cloud, and we must protect this data. I look forward to working in information security for many decades and making my own contributions to the industry.

This is my path so far.

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