MPW Birmingham marked as an 'outstanding' school

25 Apr 2018 - Barni Homden

In its recent inspection of Mander Portman Woodward Independent College (MPW Birmingham), Ofsted reached the conclusion that the school was outstanding, and produced a report full of praise.

Ofsted - officially the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills - is the government body responsible for inspecting educational institutions. It carries out detailed inspections of the vast majority of schools in the UK, and reports to Parliament.

Ofsted inspectors were hugely impressed by MPW Birmingham, and in its report marked the school as 'outstanding' in every category - the best possible result.

This includes a rating of 'outstanding' for sixth form provision. Sixth form consists of the two years in which students at British schools study their A levels, the main qualifications that allow for entry to university.

More about MPW

You can receive an exceptional education by studying at MPW, helping you gain access to leading universities in the UK. As demonstrated by MPW Birmingham's fantastic Ofsted report, great teachers, facilities and a passion for education combine to ensure students' successful development.

With schools in Birmingham, London and Cambridge, MPW can offer a truly brilliant route to university in the UK. If you're interested in taking A levels, a prestigious British qualification that's recognised around the world, and accepted for entry by all UK universities, then MPW can help.

MPW schools also offer GCSEs (the standard British qualification preceding A levels), and foundation courses, which can help students qualify for university degrees. Find out more about what you can study at MPW by following the links below.

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