Kaplan's important work with Plan International

02 Aug 2017 - Barni Homden

At Kaplan, we truly believe that education is a force for good, and we're committed to expanding the availability of good education. As part of our social responsibility as a leading higher education company, we're supporting Plan International UK in their mission to deliver better education in Sub-Saharan Africa.

If you're interested in finding out more about what we've been doing with Plan International and our responsibility policy, you can take a look at our new social responsibility page.

Alternatively, read on to find out more about Plan International's work, and what our future projects together!

Our recent work with Plan International

Recently, we've been supporting Plan in delivering greater educational opportunities to girls in Senegal. Although education is compulsory and free up until the age of 16, most 5-14-year-olds still don't attend school.

It's particularly difficult for girls, who face cultural, social and economic barriers to full schooling. However, giving young women equal opportunity to participate in education will be good for the country as a whole, boosting economic development.

Our funding has helped Plan International to support 1,000 girls to continue their education across 16 schools in Senegal. An estimated 12,000 local people will benefit from having a better education younger generation who can use their skills and knowledge for the good of their community.

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Our current work with Plan International

Our next project with Plan International aims to expand education for girls in Sierra Leone. One of the big challenges facing female education in this beautiful country is the male-dominated environment, and lack of female teachers.

Female teachers can act as role models for the young women they teach, and supporting more women in becoming teachers could be hugely beneficial to the country's schoolgirls.

Our funding is helping Plan International to train 483 young women in Sierra Leone to become the next generation of teachers. They will receive preparation with the help of the Forum of African Women Educationalists, and go on to inspire more young women through their teaching.

You can learn more about life as a girl growing up in Sierra Leone by watching Mamie's powerful story. Mamie has faced many difficult challenges, but is now teaching and empowering other young women in Sierra Leone.

Our social responsibility

At Kaplan, we're proud to be taking responsibility. We're also incredibly proud of all the work Plan International have done in bringing education to girls, and our role in supporting it.

Find out more about our social responsibility projects.

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