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    Update: Kaplan's Christmas haiku competition!

    Barni Homden

    Update: We now have a winner for the Christmas haiku competition! We received some excellent entries, but one stood out for its witty take on Christmas, as well as its smart use of the haiku format. So congratulations to Yales Rios from Brazil!

    Here's the winning haiku:

    I have no chimney
    Boy am I glad that Santa
    has found other ways

    Thanks to everyone who took part, and, of course, happy Christmas!

    (Original article below)

    This year, we thought we’d celebrate Christmas in true international style. We asked the Kaplan team in London to unleash their creative and competitive spirits with a festive haiku competition! It proved so popular that we’re now opening it up to the rest of the Kaplan world. (Find out how you can take part in our haiku competition).

    For those who don't know, a haiku is a traditional Japanese poem, famed for its simplicity and elegance. A haiku doesn't need to rhyme, and consists of 3 lines. The first and third lines should have 5 syllables, while the middle line should have 7.

    The challenge of a haiku is to write something meaningful, poetic, witty, evocative or inspirational in so few words, while sticking to the rules. Take a look at this handy guide for more information about writing haikus.

    The staff at Kaplan came up with some great festive-themed haikus this year!

    One team member submitted this one in the original Japanese:

    (a snowy Christmas with a clear sky)

    We had lots of other good entries, but in the end, these few stood out. These are our runners-up:

    Runner-up 1
    Bellies fit to burst
    Coloured papers adorn floors
    Eyes twinkle in love

    Runner-up 2
    Restless city sleep
    Under a blanket of snow
    Dreaming of Christmas

    Runner-up 3
    Christmas tree lit up
    Crisp snow falling on the ground
    Santa is coming

    It was close. But in the end, there could only be one winner. Without further ado, here is our winning haiku:

    Your dad knows Santa?
    I thought Santa wasn’t real
    Send him my regards


    This winning entry was written by Shira Levy, our Print Marketing Assistant. Congratulations, Shira!

    Do you think you could do better? Send us your own Christmas haiku!

    The winner will get a prize of a £25 Amazon voucher, and we'll post your haiku on our social media channels.

    The rules:

    1. Your haiku must have a holiday theme and follow the structure explained above
    2. You must send your haiku to us by Wednesday, 22 December at 12:00 GMT

    Send us your submissions on Twitter @kaplanpathways or email us at pathways@kaplan.com with the subject line 'Haiku'. Our haiku experts will choose the winner on Wednesday afternoon.

    Good luck!

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