Kaplan International Pathways partner university cities ranked among world’s best

07 Nov 2018 - Rob Sadler

QS recently published its Best Student Cities 2018 list, comparing the world’s leading cities for international students. A number of Kaplan’s partner university cities featured prominently in the lists, in both the UK and USA.

Impressive results

London placed 1st in the rankings, an incredibly impressive result. The results explain why London is at the forefront of international study, and confirm its reputation as a world leader in higher education.

Boston and New York also featured highly on the list, sitting in 13th and 18th places respectively, as the USA’s leading urban centres of academic achievement.

QS also ranks cities for ‘employer activity’, which indicates how highly sought graduates from each city are. London and Boston performed extremely well, ranking 2nd and 3rd respectively, just behind Seoul. New York also placed in the top 25, making all 3 partner cities great options for students seeking the best possible job opportunities.

International students can benefit from London’s academic status when studying a pathway course at Kaplan International College London. These courses help prepare students for higher education in the UK, covering both English language and degree-specific skills.

As the QS rankings show, London has some of the world’s most impressive universities, and many students who have studied at KIC London will stay in the capital for their university experience. Kaplan is partnered with City, University of London and the University of Westminster. Both institutions have a wide range of degrees available to KIC London students.

Kaplan is also partnered with Northeastern University in Boston and Pace University in New York. This gives international students a chance to study in America’s most prestigious university cities.

Find out more

We’re proud to give students the chance to experience life and learning in some of the best student cities. Find out more about the Best Student Cities 2018 list on the QS website.

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