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Kaplan International Pathways UK colleges re-open!

14 Sep 2020 - Fiona Raleigh

Today, students from around the world will be arriving at Kaplan colleges across the UK to begin their pathway courses. We’re delighted to be re-opening most of our colleges, with new safety measures in place, and we can’t wait to welcome students as they start the next chapter of their lives in the UK.


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Looking back

In the wake of the global coronavirus outbreak, all UK Kaplan International Pathways colleges closed their doors in March 2020. This was the start of a huge effort to continue providing an outstanding education to our students in extraordinary circumstances.

With a national lockdown in place, colleges had to move quickly and transition all students to digital learning without delay. This was fully accomplished in just 2 weeks – an incredible turnaround!

The most important part of this swift action was to protect our students’ safety and wellbeing, while ensuring their education didn’t suffer, and we’re pleased to report that our students truly thrived during this transition.

We were impressed by how enthusiastically Kaplan students embraced our digital learning solutions. Since April, over 3,000 Kaplan students have completed their UK pathway course online, and the results speak for themselves: 93% of students on Kaplan-taught programmes passed their course. Out of that 93%, an incredible 95% of students received an unconditional offer from their 1st choice university!

Learn more about Kaplan students’ digital learning success.

UK colleges re-open

While we’re delighted by the success of digital learning, we’re also extremely excited to be re-opening our doors to students who are able to come to the UK to study from September 2020.

Over the last few months we have been preparing our colleges for your arrival and, today, we can finally welcome you into our colleges for the first time since March.

As part of these preparations, we’re introducing blended learning, which is a mix of in-person teaching and remote digital learning. This type of teaching will help us to reduce the number of students at our colleges at any given time, and adhere to social distancing rules, which require people to remain 2 metres apart from one another.

We’re also implementing one-way systems and clear directions and signs to ensure the safe flow of traffic throughout our buildings, as well as providing hand sanitiser stations and free face coverings if you forget to bring yours to class!

Your experience of studying with us will be a little bit different from what you might have imagined at the beginning of the year, but rest assured that your wellbeing and your education are our top priorities. That’s why we’re doing everything needed to help you stay safe, feel supported, and be successful.

We hope that you’ll embrace the change and that you won’t put your dream of studying in the UK on hold!

We can’t wait to see you

With all these measures in place, we’re confident that you’ll be able to enjoy a safe and comfortable study experience in the UK. We can’t wait to welcome you, so that you can meet students from around the world and study with confidence.

Welcome to the UK!

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