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25 Feb 2017 - Kathryn Brennan, English Language Tutor at Kaplan International College London

UPDATE: The event recently hosted by Kaplan for the European Association for Language Testing and Assessment was a great success, with presenters and participants from across the world arriving to take part. The event explored a number of key themes, including the future of language education.

At Kaplan, we'd like to extend a big thank you to everyone who attended and made the event possible, and particularly to our wonderful presenters.


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On 11 February 2017, Kaplan International College London (KICL) and Kaplan’s Centre for Learning Innovation and Quality (CLIQ) will be hosting an event for the CEFR Special Interest Group of the European Association for Language Testing and Assessment (EALTA).

This is an extremely exciting opportunity for us at Kaplan International Pathways. EALTA is a global network of influential language teaching professionals. It has many of Europe’s most prominent experts among its membership, as well as representatives from universities across North America, Asia, Africa and Australasia.

EALTA developed the CEFR, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, as part of a project commissioned by the European Union. In today’s sphere of language education, the CEFR is a highly influential tool.

The CEFR uses a scale of A1 to C2 to map a speaker’s language proficiency. It describes the person’s ability to communicate in a target language with a series of “can do” statements. The world-leading English language test, the IELTS exam, uses the CEFR to score a candidate’s performance.

In the same way, Dr Margaret Bryndal’s team at CLIQ also uses the CEFR to measure the performance of Kaplan Pathways students in English language before they progress to university. The CEFR is therefore a ‘lingua franca’ to describe performance and outcomes in English Language exams both at Kaplan International Pathways and across the UK university network.

The EALTA event will be held at Kaplan’s location near London Bridge, and will include presentations on topics such as the use of the CEFR in national assessment projects; the uses and challenges of the CEFR and looking ahead towards 2020.

Dr Victoria Wilson-Crane, Director of Student Learning for Kaplan International Pathways said, “KICL and CLIQ are absolutely delighted to be taking a leading role in this event and plan to continue our supportive work with EALTA well into the future. We hope all the presenters and participants have a very interesting and useful day.”

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