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Meet Jimmy Chipolata: NTU's therapy dog!

27 Nov 2020 - Victoria S Williams

There are already plenty of reasons you should consider studying at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) — it ranks in the top 20 in the UK for student satisfaction (Complete University Guide 2021) and there’s a work placement opportunity on every degree, so you can gain vital professional skills.

NTU also won the award for Outstanding Support for Students at the Times Higher Education Awards 2020! However, in case you needed any more convincing, we’d like to introduce you to NTU’s newest (and cutest) member of staff: Jimmy Chipolata, the NTU therapy dog!

Meet Jimmy Chipolata — the official NTU therapy dog


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Jimmy belongs to NTU’s Head of Student Employability, Debra Easter, but he’s more than just a pet — he has a very important job at the University, just like his owner!

Jimmy is a registered therapy dog, and for the last year he has been working part time alongside Debra at Nottingham Trent as a Therapy, Wellbeing and Student Employability Specialist. This means, that when students are feeling stressed or upset, Jimmy helps cheer them up! Debra says:

“Since Jimmy has been here, I’ve seen people come forward who normally wouldn’t come and talk, such as lesser-engaged and shyer students. Lots of our staff and students’ wellbeing can improve just by stroking Jimmy…

We get quite a lot of students who miss their pets at home and are having a stressful time with workload and exams, and Jimmy soothes them.”​​

Lots of UK universities have campus cats or dogs, but few of them work as hard as Jimmy does! Thankfully Jimmy loves all the attention he gets from the students — in fact, he gets upset if anybody ignores him! Not that anyone could ignore this miniature fashion icon, whose stylish outfits have won him more than 1,000 followers on Instagram.


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Join Jimmy at Nottingham Trent University

If you’d like to study a degree at Nottingham Trent University, Kaplan can help. Click on the links below to see how a pathway course could help you gain entry to an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at NTU, so you can graduate from this prestigious UK university, just like Jimmy:


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