Introducing the Kaplan university partner guides for 2019-20!

28 Jan 2019 - Barni Homden

It's time to unveil the new UK university partner guides for the 2019-20 academic year! These fantastic brochures will tell you everything you need to know about the universities you could progress to study at with Kaplan.

You can download a brochure for each UK university partner, giving you a wealth of information about these exciting study destinations. You can find out the strengths of each university, as well as what kind of facilities and amenities you can expect on campus, and what it is like to study in that specific part of the UK.

You can also find out which pathway courses are available, and which degrees you could go on to study. This information will help you decide which path you should take in your future education, and what career options may be open to you.

In each university partner guide, you’ll find detailed information about the study centre at which you’ll study a pathway course before progressing to university. This includes the kinds of modules you can expect to study on any given course, and a brief outline of their content.

There’s plenty more inside, from the kind of support you’ll receive during a pathway course to the accommodation options available to you. Take a look, and see where your path could take you!

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