Introducing the brand new Kaplan International Pathways website!

25 Nov 2016 - Barni Homden

Kaplan is proud to unveil this exciting website, and our new name: Kaplan International Pathways!

Kaplan International Pathways (or Kaplan Pathways for short) is the new name for Kaplan International Colleges and Global Pathways. It also represents many other higher education businesses around the world.

This will allow Kaplan to better offer students from dozens of countries access to exceptional universities, and ultimately help them transform their futures – exactly what we, as a company, have always strived to do.

The new website houses everything you need to find the right study destination, university, degree and pathway course to fit your needs and ambitions.

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Kaplan Pathways offers students the chance to participate in student life at great locations around the world. Not only does this enable young people to get a great education, it can also provide them with enriching experiences, and broaden their horizons.

We’re delighted to be partnered with so many exceptional universities across multiple continents; this allows us to have a perfect education solution for just about everyone.

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We also have a number of on- and off-campus colleges that deliver our preparation courses, providing students with a pathway to the university that best suits them.

The new Kaplan Pathways website provides users with everything they need to find the best route to university, with all of our global education options housed in one place. It also gives users access to a wealth of materials via the download area, which includes brochures, flyers and more.

With better content, a more intuitive user interface and easier navigation (not to mention a fresh new look!), we hope that you’ll enjoy using the brand new Kaplan Pathways website. We'd also love to hear any feedback you might have; feel free to get in touch to make any suggestions or comments about the new website.

To get started, visit the home page and explore the world of Kaplan Pathways!


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