An incredible year for Nottingham Trent University

24 Jan 2018 - Barni Homden

The previous year has presented both challenges and opportunities for British universities, and many institutions have had a mixed experience. However, for Nottingham Trent University (NTU), it's been nothing but good news.

Nottingham Trent has gone from strength to strength, with so many great achievements throughout 2017. This will surely cement its reputation as one of the UK's very best 'new' universities, and a real leader among its generation of higher education providers.

Perhaps the most impressive of these came right at the end of the year, at the Times Higher Education Awards. At these prestigious awards, Nottingham Trent won the accolade for 'University of the Year', which is a fantastic achievement. It's a bit like winning in the 'Best Picture' category at the Oscars!

However, that was simply the tip of the iceberg for NTU. Earlier in the year, The Times and Sunday Times declared it the winner of their 'Modern University of the Year' award, another highly regarded accolade within the industry.

This award recognised Nottingham Trent as a modern education powerhouse, and in particular its excellence in student satisfaction ratings.

When the Guardian released its latest league tables, NTU was actually one of the universities to climb the most number of places. Rising by an astonishing 19 places from the previous year, NTU broke into the top 35, showing that it is truly joining Britain's elite universities. It also managed to rise significantly in the other main university league tables.

One of the new challenges facing British universities in 2017 was the introduction of the government's Teaching Excellence Framework, which would now monitor and score universities based on the quality of their teaching.

Once again, Nottingham Trent rose to the challenge admirably, achieving the highest score possible: a Gold award. This indicates that the University's strategy of focusing on improving teaching has paid off.

Not only can students be assured that they'll benefit from exceptional teaching at NTU, but they can also expect fantastic student services. In fact, at the 2017 Times Higher Education Leadership and Management Awards (commonly known as the THELMAs), Nottingham Trent picked up yet another award.

For an 'innovative and collaborative' approach to supporting students during their studies, NTU won the 'Outstanding Student Services Team' accolade. The University recognised just how important providing comprehensive and effective services to students is, helping it to develop its award-winning approach.

With so many superb achievements behind it, NTU will have a touch time matching its past record in 2018. However, the University is clearly rapidly becoming one of the UK's leading education destinations, with a brilliant student experience, excellent teaching and great support services to offer.

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