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How to apply for Kaplan accommodation in 5 easy steps

03 Apr 2019 - Victoria S Williams

Moving to the UK is a big step, and we understand that it’s important for you to feel at home during your studies. That’s why we offer comfortable and secure student accommodation, to help you relax and enjoy your time studying abroad.

What’s more, the application process is simple and we’re here to guide you every step of the way! Here’s how to apply for your Kaplan accommodation in 5 simple steps.

Step 1: read our accommodation guides

Our handy accommodation guides will take you through all of the different options available at your chosen college.

Although accommodation types vary between locations, generally you will be able to choose between a studio flat with a private kitchen and bathroom, and an en suite bedroom in a shared flat with communal kitchen.

You can choose between different contract lengths, depending on the duration of your course, so you should check how long you need accommodation for before you decide on your accommodation option.

You can download accommodation guides from our website in the accommodation section of your chosen college.

Step 2: tell us your preference

There are 2 ways to let us know which accommodation you’d like to book:

  • If you haven’t applied for your pathway course yet, you can simply tell us your accommodation preference on the form when you apply.
  • If you’ve applied for your pathway course already, you’ll need to fill in an accommodation booking form. You can find this on the relevant college page on our website.

Step 3: sign and return your accommodation agreement

Our Central Accommodation Team will get in touch with you within 24 hours of receiving your application. They’ll send you an accommodation agreement for you to sign and return within 3–7 days.

You’ll also need to get the agreement signed by 2 witnesses and your guarantor (the person you have nominated to pay any outstanding fees should you fail to or be unable to do so yourself).

Students having their meal

Don’t worry — we’ll also send you instructions on how to fill in the agreement, and if you’re going to be studying in Glasgow, a tenant information pack.

Make sure you’ve read your agreement carefully and you are happy with it before signing. Please be aware, that while we will always try to reserve your first-choice room, in the rare event that it’s not available, we’ll book the next best option.

Step 4: make your first accommodation payment

You’ll also need to make your first accommodation payment when you return your signed agreement. You can pay any amount from a minimum of £1,000 (or £250 if you’re studying at Glasgow International College) to the full balance.

This amount includes the £250 deposit needed to reserve your room, which will be returned when you move out (provided you have not left your room damaged or in a dirty or otherwise bad condition, and don’t leave with any penalty charges outstanding).

Kaplan student bedroom white bed with pinboard and posters, shelves with books and plants and hatstand with baseball cap and pale blue hoodie

There are 2 ways you can make your first accommodation payment: by bank transfer or credit / debit card to Flywire, or by electronic transfer in pounds sterling direct to the college. You’ll find all the payment details in the accommodation guide.

Remember to include your family name and student number (you can find this on your offer letter) as your payment reference, and send us proof of payment along with your accommodation agreement.

Step 5: reserve your room

Once we’ve received your signed accommodation agreement and proof of your first accommodation payment, we’ll reserve your room, and you’ll receive a booking confirmation.

To make your journey to the UK as easy as possible, we’ll also send you a pre-arrival form to fill in, with the option to book a free airport transfer to take you to your new home.

We’ll send you an information pack before you arrive, with details on how to collect your keys, where to find your transport from the airport, and an emergency number that you can contact should you encounter any problems.

You’ll even find a handy student starter pack waiting for you in your accommodation, containing essential items like bedding and kitchenware, so you won’t have to go shopping on your first night in your new study destination.

And that’s it!

We hope this answers any questions you have about how to apply for your Kaplan accommodation, but if there’s anything you’re unsure about, get in touch and one of our friendly advisers will be happy to help you. Then you can relax and look forward to enjoying life in your new home.

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