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12 May 2017 - Barni Homden

For students interested in studying in the USA, the US Pathway Program provides a good opportunity to gain a great degree. This fast-track program enables students to study their first 2 semesters in China, before progressing to a Summer Bridge term in Boston.

Students can then go on to complete the final 3 years of their bachelor’s degree at 1 of 5 great American universities. These colleges, all members of the Consortium of North American Universities (CNAU), are:

There are many great reasons to enroll on the US Pathway Program, leading to a top US university. But what is it like to live and study in these 5 college cities, all located in different parts of the country?

Waco, Texas (Baylor University)

US Pathway Program - Waco

Texas is possibly the most iconic southern US state, conjuring up thoughts of cowboys, cacti and country music. Waco, named after the Native American people who originally inhabited the area, perfectly captures this "Wild West" history – it’s even home to the official museum of the Texas Rangers.

However, modern Texas also has a lot to offer. Ideally situated halfway between 2 of the state’s largest cities, Dallas and Austin, Waco is a great place from which to explore Texas, and experience the beautiful landscapes of the South.

The city itself is picturesque, sitting adjacent to the splendor of Lake Waco. There are also parks, museums, markets, shops, sports events and even a zoo, making Waco a wonderful environment in which to live and study.

Chicago, Illinois (DePaul University)

US Pathway Program - Chicago

Chicago is a world-famous hub of American culture, and the 3rd most populous city in the USA. Widely known as "the Windy City," Chicago is a landscape of skyscrapers and commerce, but packed with parks and situated alongside the big, blue waters of Lake Michigan.

A cultural hotspot, Chicago is perhaps most famous for its music. The city played a big role in the emergence of blues and jazz music, and is home to unique styles of each genre. It was also the birthplace of house music, and has a vibrant hip-hop scene.

However, Chicago is also well known for its food, most famously the deep-dish pizza. It has a dynamic sports culture too, having been named America’s "Best Sports City" 3 times by Sporting News, and home to the reigning Major League Baseball champions, the Chicago Cubs.

Poughkeepsie, New York (Marist College)

US Pathway Program - Poughkeepsie

Poughkeepsie gives students the best of both worlds. As a small, peaceful city, it’s a friendly and tranquil place in which to live – perfect for studying! However, it’s also just a short distance from New York City, by far the USA’s biggest, most iconic city.

Just don’t let its modest size fool you. Poughkeepsie has plenty of culture for students to soak up, including a thriving local sports scene; baseball and golf are particularly popular. There are scenic parks, art centers, and even an opera house, and the world-class shopping of New York City is just 90 minutes away by train.

It’s also well worth visiting the Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park, a vast pedestrian bridge with spectacular views across the Hudson River Valley landscape. For the most impressive views, it’s recommended to go in the fall!

Boston, Massachusetts (Northeastern University)

US Pathway Program - Boston

Boston is one of America’s most historic cities; it produced the country’s first public school, first subway system and first public park. Today it is most famous for being one of the world’s premier cities for higher education, home to many prestigious universities.

There is a rich tradition of colonial and revolutionary history to absorb in Boston, including dozens of museums and the historic warship, the USS Constitution. However, there is also a thriving modern culture in the city, partly thanks to the large student population.

For instance, there are numerous music events to go to, as well as fantastic multicultural shopping and dining. Boston is also famed for its sports scene, and, in particular, baseball; the city is home to the Boston Red Sox.

Burlington, Vermont (The University of Vermont)

US Pathway Program - Vermont

Vermont is a beautiful New England state, with misty mountains and lush green forests that turn golden in the fall. It’s no wonder, then, that the environment is considered hugely important in the state’s largest city, Burlington. In fact, in 2015 Burlington became the first US city to run entirely on renewable energy.

Despite being a relatively small city, Burlington has a rich culture, with many sites of historic interest. It has a dynamic local music scene, and a thriving annual art event that attracts hundreds of artists.

Burlington’s best feature, however, is how accommodating it is for sports lovers. As well as sailing, baseball, football and ice hockey, there are fantastic opportunities for cyclists, hikers and skiers to explore the city’s stunning surrounds.

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Clearly, the US Pathway Program offers students the chance to experience a real taste of America, while gaining a degree from a top US college. Find out more about the US Pathway Program, and why it might be the perfect education option for you.

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