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Learning success for Kaplan students in 2020

26 Oct 2020 - Victoria S Williams

A lot has changed about our world in 2020. We’ve all had to adapt to new ways of living, working and studying. However, one thing hasn’t changed: our hard-working students are still achieving excellent academic results.

2020 progression rates

A student sitting on a bed, holding a tablet computer, smiling.

More than 6,000 Kaplan students passed their UK pathway course this year. While we’ve always been proud of how many Kaplan students pass their pathway course and progress to their first-choice university every year, our 2020 graduates have done so in exceptional circumstances.

Whether they started their course in person and finished online or studied their whole course through digital learning, they’ve had to quickly adjust to a new learning style, and they’ve done so brilliantly!

In a testament to their hard work and the dedication of their tutors, 93% of students on Kaplan-taught programmes passed their course. Out of that 93%, an incredible 98% of students received an unconditional offer from their first-choice university.

The results are just as impressive for students at the University of York International Pathway College, where programmes are taught by the University’s expert staff. You can see their progression rates in full in the ‘Results by college’ graphic below.

Digital learning success

The numbers are equally impressive when split by course type. Out of all Foundation Certificate students who passed their course, 97% received an unconditional offer for their first-choice university.

Meanwhile 99% of International Year One and Pre-Master’s students received an unconditional offer.

For those few students who didn’t progress to their first-choice university, friendly staff are on hand talk them through their options, and help them find a path that’s right for them.

Results by college

Below you can see the overall progression rates at each of our UK colleges in 2020.

University of Bristol International Foundation Programme

The programme is taught by the University’s own expert lecturers at the Centre for Academic Language and Development, and the completing students’ results are just as impressive as those on our Kaplan-taught programmes: 100% of students who passed the Foundation Programme received an unconditional offer from the University of Bristol! 

These results are especially exciting as the first Kaplan students started the International Foundation Programme this October — we can’t wait to see them graduate in 2021! The results also show how effective the University’s digital learning solutions are, allowing so many students to succeed after switching from face-to-face learning during their pathway course.

University of Nottingham Engineering and Physical Sciences Foundation Certificate

Students on the University-taught Engineering and Physical Sciences Foundation Certificate at the University of Nottingham are also celebrating similar success. Of those who passed the course, 95% of students progressed to an undergraduate degree at the University of Nottingham!

Navid’s online graduation

Navid from Afghanistan passed his Foundation Certificate at the University of Essex International College with distinction after completing his course digitally from his home country.

A fantastic achievement

We think all of our students deserve a big round of applause! Not only do these results demonstrate how hard they worked, but how quickly they adapted to new ways of learning.

Their tutors have worked incredibly hard too, delivering engaging, interactive lessons via Zoom, and other online platforms, to ensure their students still had a rewarding educational experience.

Start your path to success

A student sitting at a desk, working on a laptop

We think these results clearly prove how successful our digital learning methods, and those of our university partners, have been for both students and teachers.

Now, our  colleges have re-opened for an innovative blended learning approach, meaning that you can enjoy an in-person study experience abroad, in one of our exciting UK destinations. And, because we understand some students may need them, our digital learning solutions are still available too.

Whether you’re ready to join us in the UK or would prefer to start your studies online in your home country, we hope our students’ huge achievements will reassure you that you’ll enjoy a high-quality learning experience.

There’s no need to delay your university dreams! You can explore the links below to start your path to in-person or digital learning success. Alternatively, you can contact us with any questions.

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