Creating success: an Art student in Brighton

09 May 2017 - Barni Homden

We recently caught up with Kaplan student Donna Mak. Originally from Hong Kong, Donna is an Art student, and took a degree preparation course at the University of Brighton International College.

We were impressed by how Donna has taken inspiration from her surroundings to create some wonderful artwork, both as part of her studies and as a hobby.

Donna told us a bit about her time in the UK, and studying in Brighton – a city on Britain’s southern coast:

“I came to UK during the summer holidays with my family in 2015, and I fell in love the places I went to. Since coming to study in the UK, I've had a great time at the International College in Brighton. I have a good relationship with the other students, and the campus here inspires me to work creatively and independently. We have a shared workspace, where everyone’s work is on display. The staff and teachers here are supportive, and I am able to ask for help at any time.”

Donna is studying the Foundation Certificate for Arts, Design and Media, giving her a broad look at the world of creative disciplines. Although she is specialising in Graphic Design, Donna has had the chance to work on other media projects such as photography, videos and illustrations.

We decided to find out more about Donna’s current art projects, and what influences and inspires her:

“I had been working on two projects last term: one is about re-appropriating propaganda posters using emoji, and the other explores good and bad design of labels and signs. I enjoyed working on them because I believe that, through trial and error, I can get to know my strengths and weaknesses. The project I am currently working on is about the illustration of a story I wrote, and I am looking forward to see how it will develop.”

It’s great to see a Kaplan student enjoying their studies, and using their time at the College to be so productive. It’s also important to remember what drives Donna, and other international students, to pursue their dreams at university:

“Art is important to me because it’s the way I express myself. It helps me to show to others my way of thinking and my ideas. Through art, I find my identity and who I am because I enjoy what I am doing; it’s a part of my life.”

Do you feel inspired by Donna’s story? Find out more about studying Art and Design at the University of Brighton through its on-campus International College.

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