Oscar and BAFTA success for Bournemouth University graduates

01 Mar 2016 - Rob Sadler

Bournemouth University (BU) has further enhanced its success in the area of Media. Its graduates recently won prestigious awards at both the 2016 Oscar and BAFTA (British Association of Film and Television Arts) ceremonies.

Starting with the Oscars, graduates from BU worked on both Inside Out, which won the prize for Best Animated Feature category, and Ex Machina, which triumphed for Best Visual Effects. Several other films involving former BU students were nominated for a number of awards, including Mad Max: Fury Road, which received 10 nominations. This success follows Oscar wins in recent years for Interstellar, Avatar and Gravity, to which BU alumni also contributed.

Mark Ardington, Oscar winner

At the BAFTAs, meanwhile, BU graduate Paul Kavanagh collected the Special Visual Effects award for his work on Star Wars: the Force Awakens. Paul was one of 20 graduates from BU’s National Centre for Computer Animation who worked on the film, which was a huge success around the world, and grossed more than £100 million in the UK alone.

These events reinforce BU’s reputation as a leading university for Media careers. Kaplan Pathways is proud to work in partnership with BU, and international students can follow in the footsteps of Oscar and BAFTA winners by studying a pathway course at Bournemouth University International College. All of the follow courses lead to film- or media-related degrees at BU:

To find out more, visit the International College page.

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