What are the best universities for Petroleum and Chemical Engineering?

07 Dec 2016 - Francis Pearson

Why study Petroleum or Chemical Engineering?

The growth in energy requirements across the world has resulted in an increased demand for qualified petroleum and chemical engineers. Engineers in these subjects are well paid, and get to enjoy incredible opportunities for world travel.

Now is the perfect time to be considering a degree in Petroleum or Chemical Engineering at a UK or US university. Companies wish to employ the most skilled and knowledgeable petroleum and chemical engineers, selected from highly ranked universities in this field.

best universities for petroleum and chemical engineering

So, what are the best universities for Petroleum and Chemical Engineering?

Kaplan gives international students access access to some of the best ranked, and most highly regarded, Petroleum and Chemical Engineering degrees at leading UK universities.

The University of Aberdeen is home to some of the very best Petroleum and Chemical Engineering degrees in the UK, with the department ranked 16th nationally (Complete University Guide 2017). These degrees include Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering with Oil and Gas Studies.

A degree in this field from the University of Aberdeen is a fantastic choice for your future career, with graduate employment prospects for Petroleum and Chemical Engineering students ranked in the top 10 in the country (Complete University Guide 2017)

The University of Birmingham has a very highly regarded Petroleum and Chemical Engineering department, ranked 3rd in the UK (Times and Sunday Times). Available degrees include Chemical Engineering and Chemical & Energy Engineering.

Studying at the University of Birmingham, you will be based in one of the UK's largest and most diverse cities. You will also be part of the prestigious Russell Group of universities.

The University of Nottingham is also part of the Russell Group, and is ranked 8th in the country for its Petroleum and Chemical Engineering courses (Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2017). You can choose from degrees including Chemical Engineering and Chemical Engineering with Environmental Engineering. A degree in this field at The University of Nottingham also gives you the opportunity to experience a year in industry as part of your course.

In the United States, one of the truly elite universities for Petroleum Engineering is the University of Tulsa. Tulsa is ranked 7th in the country (U.S. News 2017), and has a strong global reputation for producing exceptional graduates in Petroleum Engineering. Part of the reason for Tulsa's success is its incredible teaching facilities for the subject, giving its students hands-on experience during their degree.

How to study Petroleum or Chemical Engineering in the UK or USA

Kaplan is partnered with a large number of best universities for Petroleum and Chemical Engineering degrees, with plenty of degree options available. Find Petroleum or Chemical Engineering degrees in the UK or in the USA using our course finder, and discover the course and university that can help you achieve your ambitions.

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