What are the best universities for Petroleum Engineering?

28 Nov 2019 - Victoria S Williams

Petroleum Engineers are highly sought, and enjoy high pay and fantastic opportunities for travel. Naturally, companies want to recruit from universities ranked highly in this field, and Kaplan works with a number of these! Here are our best universities for Petroleum Engineering in the UK and USA.

So, what are the best universities for Petroleum Engineering in the UK?

Kaplan gives international students access access to some impressive Petroleum Engineering degrees at UK universities well-regarded for the subject according to national rankings bodies.

University of Aberdeen

For example, the University of Aberdeen in Scotland is a fantastic choice. Aberdeen is an important centre for the UK oil and gas industry, and is known as the 'oil capital of Europe'. The University has links with many local businesses, making it the perfect place to build your professional network before you start your career.

The University also enjoys an impressive rankings of Top 30 overall in the UK (Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2020) and top 15 in the UK for teaching effectiveness (Guardian University Guide 2020).

At the University of Aberdeen you can kick-start your career with Engineering degrees such as Engineering (Mechanical with Oil and Gas Studies) and Petroleum Engineering.

University of Salford

Studying abroad at the University of Salford is also a great way to give your future career a boast, as it maintains strong connections in industry, with famous companies like Airbus and Cisco.

Plus, you'll get to study in Manchester the #3 academic city in the UK (QS Best Student Cities 2019)!

The University offers a specialist Petroleum and Mechanical Engineering degree and ranks 28th in the UK for student satisfaction in the subject (Guardian University Guide 2020).

Best universities for Petroleum Engineering in the USA

Kaplan also works with some great universities for Petroleum Engineering in the USA, namely:

The University of Tulsa

In the United States, one of the truly elite universities for Petroleum Engineering is the University of Tulsa.

Tulsa's graduate Petroleum Engineering school ranks an incredible 4th in the country (U.S. News Education 2019), and has incredible teaching facilities for the subject, giving its students hands-on experience during their degree.

International students can enrol on one of a range of degrees including Energy Management and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Tulsa.

Study Petroleum Engineering in the UK or USA

We help international students to gain entry to a degree at a range of top universities in the UK and USA, even if your grades don't meet the entry requirements. Contact us to find out how we can help you start your path to your dream degree, or search our Petroleum Engineering options using the degree finder below.

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