What are the best universities for Engineering?

28 Nov 2016 - Barni Homden

Why study an Engineering degree?

Engineering is one of the oldest and most fundamental academic disciplines, and dates right back to the invention of the wheel. Since then, societies have relied upon engineering for vital infrastructure, housing and energy.

The UK and US both have histories of remarkable engineering achievements. In Britain, engineers such as Brunel helped bring about the Industrial Revolution, while engineers in America built the Hoover Dam.

Both countries are therefore exceptional destinations for studying Engineering, and getting practical, hands-on experience.

But what are the best universities for Engineering?


In the UK, Kaplan is connected to many institutions with a great history of Engineering. The University of Birmingham, for example, offers many varied degrees in the subject. Birmingham ranks 4th in the UK for for Chemical Engineering (Complete University Guide 2019), and top 15 for 2 other kinds: Civil Engineering (Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019) and Mechanical Engineering (Complete University Guide 2019).

The University of Glasgow also ranks highly across many Engineering disciplines, coming 2nd for Civil Engineering (Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019), 4th for Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019) and 11th for Mechanical Engineering (Complete University Guide 2019).

Another top UK university, the University of Nottingham, is ranked 1st in the UK for Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 2nd for Chemical Engineering and 7th for Chemical Engineering (Guardian University Guide 2019). It also ranks 10th in the UK for Mechanical Engineering (Times and Sunday Times good University Guide 2019).

Other Kaplan partner universities feature highly in the rankings for different Engineering disciplines, such as 8th place for Bournemouth University (Guardian University Guide 2019) and 14th place for UWE Bristol in General Engineering (Guardian 2017).

If you’re a master’s student, it’s also worth considering Cranfield University. This specialist University only offers postgraduate study, and has a reputation for excellence in the field of Engineering.

Cranfield is fully equipped to cater to all manner of niche Engineering disciplines – it even has its own airfield. The wide selection of Engineering-related master’s degrees available includeAerospace Vehicle Design, Explosives Ordnance Engineering and Design Thinking.

Engineering degrees in the USA

In the USA, Kaplan is proud to partner with Northeastern University. Northeastern’s Graduate Engineering School ranks in 37th nationally according to U.S News Education 2019.

In Oklahoma, the University of Tulsa is very highly regarded in Engineering, and is ranked 4th in the United States for Petroleum Engineering (U.S. News Education 2018). Tulsa has state-of-the-art oil drilling facilities to boast of, and the University's excellent reputation helps its Engineering graduates find good jobs after leaving university.

How to study Engineering in the UK or USA

Whether you’re just leaving school and interested in studying Engineering, or already have a degree and want a specialist master’s, Kaplan can help you get ready to study abroad. Our pathway courses will help you find the right Engineering degree, and prepare you for university study.

Find Engineering degrees in the UK or search for Engineering degrees in the USA, and start building a foundation for your future. Perhaps you’ll go on to use your engineering knowledge to build much more.

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