7 reasons why the US Pathway Program is a great way to study in the USA

06 Apr 2017 - Barni Homden

Having exposure to the wider world is an increasingly popular goal, and has become an important part of the educational experience. The United States is one of the most attractive destinations, and young people now have incredible opportunities to study in the USA.

With the US Pathway Program, or USPP, students will actually have the chance to study in more than one country. This comprehensive preparation program sets students on a path to a bachelor’s degree from 1 of 5 American universities.

The US Pathway Program is an exciting route to a good degree for anyone wanting to study in the USA. Still not sure? Here are 7 great reasons to convince you.


1. A real international experience

Before you head to the US, you’ll study for 2 semesters in China. You’ll then head to Boston to complete a Summer Bridge semester at Northeastern University.

This is one of the best benefits of the program: the chance to become a truly global citizen, and to be well prepared for life in the modern world. Being able to study in 2 countries, and up to 3 locations, will grant you fantastic experience of the world outside your doorstep.

Students at Baylor University

2. Value to employers

International experience is a quality highly valued by employers. Living and studying abroad is hugely beneficial for job-hunting graduates – recent research has demonstrated just how valuable international experience is to employers.

In an increasingly globalized and inter-connected world, it’s no wonder that businesses appreciate having culturally-aware employees. The exposure to different countries and continents that the US Pathway Program provides gives its students a real head start.

Northeastern University USPP

3. Excellent universities

Each of the 5 available universities is an excellent educational institution, and a member of the prestigious Consortium of North American Universities (CNAU). CNAU consists of Baylor University, DePaul University, Marist College, Northeastern University and The University of Vermont.

Each of these universities is known for its academic rigor and challenging programs, and can provide an exciting student life overseas. In fact, U.S. News ranks each one in the top 150 American universities, out of 1,800. The program includes studying your Summer Bridge term at Northeastern University, ranked 39th in the country (U.S. News 2017).

University of Vermont USPP

4. A fast and flexible pathway

By studying the US Pathway Program, you can complete the equivalent of a bachelor’s preparation program plus the 1st year of university in just 10 months.

Across the 5 universities, there are over 350 degrees to choose from, including in business, the humanities, engineering, science and the arts. You'll have the opportunity to study majors, minors and concentrations of that you've picked yourself, giving you the flexibility to create your own degree.

DePaul University USPP

5. Career opportunities

A good degree from a US university will also greatly enhance your career and life opportunities. Graduates from US universities can expect excellent salaries, with the average starting salary for a US graduate at about $50,000.

Each CNAU university also enjoys a superb location near big business hubs, improving graduates' job prospects. For example, Marist College has a close relationship with the famous technology company IBM. DePaul University, meanwhile, is situated in Chicago, a city home to 30 Fortune 500 companies.

All 5 CNAU universities have comprehensive career services, and provide hands-on support for students as they apply for jobs, internships and work placements.

Experience in America

6. Exploring America

The US Pathway Program will provide you with an incredible opportunity to discover America as you study in the USA. You’ll be able to spend time getting to know this hugely diverse country, and see first-hand what it's like to be a freshman in America.

Your Summer Bridge semester will also include the non-credit "Exploring America" course, which uses seminars and workshops, but also field trips and volunteer projects, to help students immerse themselves in American culture and society.

Marist College USPP

7. Superb support

Throughout your entire education journey, you’ll receive excellent support, right up until you start as a sophomore (2nd year student) at university.

You’ll travel to your Summer Bridge semester with the friends you’ve already made, and can explore America together. You’ll make plenty of new friends while you are studying in the US, providing you with an extensive support network.

If you’d like to study in the USA and prepare for a global economy, USPP is an ideal route to an excellent bachelor’s degree.

The US Pathway Program helps develop culturally-aware, intelligent and competitive graduates. Experience multiple destinations, make friends for life and equip yourself to deal with the challenges of the future – all with USPP.

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