The Pathways, Transnational Education and English language divisions of Kaplan International serve the needs of students, and support university partners, in more than 100 countries. Few organisations match the depth and breadth of our higher education network and resources.

7 university partners across North America

Degree preparation centres in Boston (Massachusetts), New York City (New York), Seattle (Washington) and Tulsa (Oklahoma)
20 English language schools across the US and Canada, creating an additional route to university
Kaplan Pathways offices in Boston and New York, Caracas (Venezuela), Bogotá (Colombia) and São Paulo (Brazil)
Nearly 20 active Higher Education agents throughout North, Central and South America

Europeincluding Russia, CIS and Turkey

Almost 30 university partners across the UK, plus 1 in Ireland
In collaboration with university partners, Kaplan runs 4 high-quality student residences in 3 UK cities, with a 5th approved for construction
English language schools in 11 cities across the UK, Ireland, and Malta
Kaplan Pathways office in LondonMore than 200 active Higher Education agents throughout Europe

Middle East and North Africa
20+ active sponsors in the region

Kaplan Pathways office in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Almost 100 active Higher Education agents in 12 countries across the region

6 degree preparation centres across China and Japan, which collectively prepare students for degrees at UK and US universities

4 Transnational Education centres across Hong Kong and Singapore
English language school in Singapore
Kaplan Pathways offices in China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Vietnam
Several hundred active Higher Education agents across the continent, including special agreements with agents in Japan, Thailand and Vietnam, who also recruit students for direct entry to our university partners

Rest of Africa
Degree preparation centre in Cape Town (South Africa), which prepares students for degrees in the UK and Australia

Kaplan Pathways offices in Lagos and Abuja (Nigeria)
70+ active Higher Education agents across Africa

6 university partners across Australia

Degree preparation centres in Adelaide and Perth
English language schools in 6 Australian cities, plus Auckland, New Zealand
Kaplan Pathways office in Sydney