10 years of Glasgow International College

Glasgow International College (GIC) is reaching an important milestone this year – 10 years of helping international students achieve success! For a decade, students from all over the world have been coming to the College to prepare for their studies at the University of Glasgow. We’re extremely proud of all the hard work and accomplishments – of both students and staff – that the College represents.

What do Glasgow’s students say?

For 10 years, Glasgow International College has been helping students achieve their academic dreams. We spoke to some current and former students, and they told us what their time at the College means to them.

Meet staff from the College and University

Glasgow International College Director

Douglas Aiton

Director of Glasgow International College since December 2014

We've helped thousands of international students succeed at university. Many of them are now pursuing successful careers all over the world. It's their hard work and dedication, combined with our expertise and support, that creates such incredible success stories. We care so much about each student, and look forward to helping many more in the future!

Ian Thomson University of Glasgow

Ian Thomson

Head of International Recruitment and Partnerships at the University of Glasgow

In 2017, the University of Glasgow and Kaplan celebrate 10 years of working together, and this year we plan to welcome over 1, 000 students to GIC. Once these students progress to the University, they’ll join the 5, 000+ international students from over 120 countries already on Glasgow’s campus, adding even more diversity to a truly global community.

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